00000tmpIf you were a Genesis fan, then you were pleased to get more music from Genesis co-founder, Mike Rutherford as he formed his new band back in 1985.  That new band was called Mike + The Mechanics.  It employed the vocals of Paul Young (Sad Cafe), and Paul Carrack (Ace/Squeeze).  With the ‘out of the gate’ Top10 hits of “Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)”, and “All I Need Is A Miracle”, both from the release of the self-titled debut, and both featuring different lead vocalists with Young On “All I Need Is A Miracle”, and Carrack on “Silent Running”, the UK band was set for the duration of their tenure.

Mike + The Mechanics followed up the extraordinary debut with the release of their 1988 LP hit, Living Years.  That album provided their Number One hit, “The Living Years”, as well as a few released lesser single hits (“Nobody’s Perfect”, “Seeing Is Believing”).  The song, “The Living Years” was nominated for a Grammy in 1990, losing to Bette Midler’s rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”.

As previously noted in a TAPSheet post, Atlantic Records will release a 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition of Living Years with a bonus disc of 10 live tracks, and will additionally provide a brand new recording of “The Living Years”.  The set will offer a 24-page booklet to further help celebrate the album’s lasting quality.

The 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition of Living Years is scheduled for release on April 8.

By MARowe

One thought on “Living Years From Mike + The Mechanics To Get A 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition”
  1. Their first album was one of the biggest disappointments I’ve encountered collecting Genesis-related music. I was actually drawn to try them because I was a huge Paul Young fan when he was with Sad Cafe, especially their first few albums. I found the whole album slick, put together well but frankly boring. I would have thought with the power musicians in this group that they could have blown the doors open but it was just OK for me. I never heard Living Years – is it a leap forward or more of the same?

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