BTO40thAnniversaryNotFragileCanada’s Bachman-Turner Overdrive, three parts Bachman (Randy, Robbie, Time), and one part Turner (C.F.), launched their career with the rockin’ debut that contained eight electric songs that included “Stayed Awake All Night”, “Little Gandy Dancer”, “Gimme Your Money Please” and “Thank You For The Feelin'”.  Trust me, all eight song were excellent and could easily be played song after song.  (This album was an essential plug in to my 8-track machine as I roamed around town in my much loved yellow Pontiac LeMans!)

The band followed this up with Bachman-Turner Overdrive II just a few mere months later.  This 1973 album contained the band’s first high charting hits with “Let It Ride”, and the well-known “Takin’ Care Of Business”.  From there it was a meteoric rise to easy fame.

In eight months, the ‘hitting on all cylinders’ B.T.O. released the incredible energy of Not Fragile (1974).  That album generated a few of its own high charting hits with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, and “Roll On Down the Highway”.  The album itself popped the bell with it’s first Number One Billboard charting.  All along, FM Radio loved these guys giving many of the non-charting tracks from the first three albums plenty of airplay muscle.

Yesterday, Matthew Wilkening (I love that guy!) of Ultimate Classic Rock posted the news of an upcoming remastered and expanded reissue of Not Fragile. That piece of news is greatly welcomed over here at MusicTAP.  And, I’m sure, many of you will be pleased as well. The Ultimate Classic Rock article notes a humorous anecdote where Randy Bachman tells that he didn’t like the title of the YES album, Fragile, electing to name this album Not Fragile as a counterpoint to the YES album.

On March 18, Universal Canada will release a 2CD 40th Anniversary Edition of Not Fragile, as well as a 180g vinyl LP set.  The second CD of the 40th Anniversary set will include eight live performance tracks from several dates, and an extended studio cut of “Stayed Awake All Night” from the band’s first album. The booklet should be quite an inclusion all of its own. I’m reasonably sure that the US and Europe will soon follow suit with a domestic reissue of the loved title.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive (B.T.O.) – Not Fragile 40th Anniversary Edition
Track Listing

CD 1
1) Not Fragile
2) Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song
3) Roll on Down the Highway
4) You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
5) Free Wheelin’
6) Sledgehammer
7) Blue Moanin’
8) Second Hand
9) Givin’ It All Away

CD 2:
1) RB Rock Prelude – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
2) Not Fragile – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
3) Rock is My Life – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
4) Roll on Down the Highway – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
5) Sledgehammer – Live at the Moon, Tallahassee, Florida (February 1986)
6) Stayed Awake All Night (Extended Studio Version – 1973)
7) You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ – Live at the French Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC
8) Slow Down Boogie – Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC (1976)
9) Thank-You Domo – Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC (1976)

“…and the music goes round and round…”

By MARowe

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