Phil Everly of the pioneering Rock and Roll duo, The Everly Brothers has passed leaving a cornerstone of Rock and Roll history to the books and the many albums released.  Like any passing, especially the “too young to die” heroes, Phil Everly’s death is extremely noteworthy given his legendary status.

I grew up listening to the many songs that originated from The Everly Brothers.  I adored many of them, bought the singles, and listened to them as much as I could even though the songs were issued around the time of my toddler years.  Even now, “Cathy’s  Clown”, and “Bye Bye Love” cannot help but to come through my head like a freight train.  I love those songs then.  I love them now. And for as long as I’m allowed to walk this planet, I will no doubt love them until I join Mr Phil Everly.

Some may be surprised to learn that in the ’70s, Phil Everly sang with Warren Zevon on Zevon’s 1975 self-titled album, as well as Roy Wood’s Mustard (1975) album.

Phil Everly died on January 3 due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease just two weeks shy of his 75th birthday.

What is there left to say but Bye Bye Love, I think I’m a gonna cry.

RIP Phil!

Phil Everly

Phil Everly

By MARowe