The music that Emerson, Lake and Palmer created has been as varied, one album to the next, as music between two bands.  Although the basic ELP sound can be heard in all of their music, you will always find someone with an opinion on which ELP album was their best.  Some will point to the first few albums with their big sounds.  Others, like myself, loved the striped down feel of Trilogy.  Still others, love the album known as Brain Salad Surgery (a term, which, has a very distinct sexual reference – in case you didn’t know.  The term can also be heard in “Right Place, Wrong Time” by Dr John.).  The self-serving Works sets expanded their sound even further.  Works, both volumes did well with me, as did Brain Salad Surgery.


Recently announced with no details other than the date, it is now known that the remixed Stereo AND 5.1 Surround mixes (for you lovers of the Surround experience) for Brain Salad Surgery is to be expected on April 7 in the UK, Germany, and Italy, with the US and Canada reissues coming on April 8.  The set will be released as a Super Deluxe Edition.  And before you exhale the defeated sigh, be informed that there will also be a cheaper 2-disc Deluxe Edition (similar to the recently released Emerson, Lake & Palmer debut and Tarkus).  There is also a plan to release a new vinyl LP edition.

As details become available, I’ll be sure to post available information on the this desired set.  As for me, I’m anxiously awaiting the Trilogy remix!  And it’s coming!

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery Remix To Be Ready In 2014”
      1. That’s unforunate. I can wait for yet another BSS reissue, but I’d much prefer to have the “Trilogy” 5.1 mix!

  1. That’s interesting – Jakko was a guest vocalist on the Steve Hackett live DVD just released! Funny how you never hear of someone and then they suddenly pop up everywhere!! I’m in a similar situation to Greg. I’ve had the DVD-A 5.1 mix since it was first released and am therefore reluctant to consider this. Maybe it’ll have lots more content that will make it worth investing in!

  2. I’ve been picking up the ELP 5.1 mixes as they have been released. ELP isn’t on my top band list but if you build it, err, put it out in 5.1 surround, I will buy it. I agree with others on this one. Since I have the 5.1 dvd-a of BSS there will have to be something very compelling to get me to buy it again.
    Wonder if it will be blu ray…. that might tip the scales a little.

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