YESTheStudioAlbums6987I’ll make this short and sweet.  Last week, I posted that YES would be releasing a 13CD Box of their Atlantic Years.  In that post, we had dates for countries except for the US.  Well, I’ll rectify that right now.  The official US release date is now December 24, just a mere day before Christmas Day.  Not bad for last minute shoppers.

Allow me to take a few minutes to express a few points.

This set, The Studio Albums 1969-1987, is simply a bargain.  Of course, I’m assuming that you do not have any, or most, or even some of the Rhino reissues (which these are).  Priced at $74.98, you cannot get a better price deal.  If you were to purchase each album individually, you’d be paying at the very least, around $15 per.  Acquired all at once, you’re paying around $150 before taxes.  This set essentially costs less than half that.  If you have only a few, or none, this set just makes sense.

Also, note that November 5th brought availability of the Steven Wilson remix of Close To the Edge on both DVD, and BD.  Tons of extras.  And it doesn’t matter if you own Close To the Edge a hundred times over, this is a must purchase.

There…my YES stuff for the now.  And yes, YES WILL get into the Hall of Fame.  Although, for the life of me, I cannot see why it would matter one way or the other.  The HoF is a crimonal farce.  It’s only good for reunion possibilities even if for the one time.  So, it will be nice to see Jon Anderson getting back with the gang once again, if only for the night.  And if they disallow him to sing with them?  Now THAT, THAT would be the greatest travesty of all.


By MARowe

4 thoughts on “Update: YES Atlantic Years Box Set And Close To the Edge Remix”
  1. Definitely a good deal. I might have to pick this up.
    Regarding the SW version of CTTE, I checked on Amazon UK because I was wondering why I hadn’t been notified that it was shipping. The release date indicates Nov 11th. Looks like we’ll have to wait another week. Also weighing in on whether or not to buy the 14 disc box set is the question, What other Yes titles is SW going to give the royal treatment?. Obviously not all 14 discs but if it’s the 5 albums I care most about then I might be better off just picking those up instead.

      1. Very true. About an hour after I left the above comment I decided it was too good a deal to pass up and Yes is an important enough band to me. So, it’s pre-ordered.

  2. I said this in the original post where I had purchased all of the remastered cds when they were released to me I think it would be only fair if they would release big generator seprate from the box or at least having the option to order it seprate from the box similar to what rush did with vapor trails remix

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