There is a lot of music out there.  So much, it’s actually difficult to follow much of it anymore,  Of course, there’s good and there’s bad in that.  The good is simply that if you like a continuous stream of the genre of music you like, you can have it.  For days. For weeks even, before any replay might be necessary.  The bad?  Well, that varies from individual to individual, but the usual end result is overload.

MusicTAP’s goals have been pretty simple from the beginning.  To not only alert you to music you want as it comes out, but to also point you to some that we find interesting.  Thanatos is one of those bands that we have loved for a long time.  The band, spearheaded by Patrick Ogle, has released a few albums via Projekt Records.  Recently, independence stepped in and the last two albums (a side solo project called I Am Not Job that is not to be missed, and the more recent digital only release of The Exterminating Angel) were delivered.

Thanatos has more music percolating but has chosen to fund and release via a Kickstarter program.  Which means that you can participate to help achieve the goal of a new Thanatos album. The new album in planning will be called Coyote In the Graveyard.  It’s a new release that I’m excited about.  I hope that you will take a few moments to watch the introduction video featuring Patrick Ogle as he describes his intents.

The Coyote In the Graveyard project is already off to a healthy start.

By MARowe