There are times when news gets even better.  As if Matt’s reporting of the upcoming Essential Boz Scaggs wasn’t enough, word has now come out that Audio Fidelity is going to issue an SACD hybrid of the 1969 self-titled first album from Scaggs.  To be able to hear “Loan Me A Dime” and Duane Allman’s inspirational guitar work on that song in SACD form will most certainly be one of the highlights of the year.  The mastering will be done by Kevin Grey. (IMWAN & The Hoffman Forum)

Word has arrived out of the U.K. from an interview conducted with Adam Clayton of U2 that the new U2 album is being aimed for completion by November and with a hopeful anticipated release date of somewhere in the early part of 2014. (Hoffman Forum & Various U2 web boards)

John Fogerty‘s Official Website has announced that a download series for live shows from his current tour are being offered at . (Hoffman Forum)

There is very early word that at least a few reissues from Three Dog Night are going to be worked on by the great team of people over at Iconoclassics.  Just which ones are being targeted remains to be seen.  Hopefully, the ones which do eventually get initially targeted lead to all of the great classic albums of theirs being done. (Hoffman Forum)

Cowboy Junkies have announced that the pre-orders for The Kennedy Suite project which involves the band and various artists is now up for pre-order via their latent recordings website.  The album is now slated for November 12.  (Cowboy Junkies Facebook Page)


The biggest news of all hit today.  The Led Zeppelin individual album box set project is still on.  Robert Plant told an interviewer that he found a few reels that he has passed on to Jimmy Page.  He is pressing Page to put some of the stuff he found on the reels onto the box sets.  He also said that a few songs from these reels feature John Paul Jones on lead vocals.  It was not revealed from which album sessions these reels belong.  (Hoffman Forum)

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  1. I’m betting that the Zep songs JPJ sang on were from the In Through The Outdoor sessions. I’ve read that Jimmie was not well during that period and they had time in the studio where they were working without his presence. Still no date announced so I guess there won’t be any Zep under the Christmas tree.

  2. Good news about Three Dog Night. Here’s hoping that the “Golden Biscuits” collection will be considered for CD release in the US finally.

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