I’ve been a fan of Boz Scaggs almost from the beginning.  Having been a fan of Steve Miller Band’s first two albums, Children Of The Future, and Sailor, it was easy to follow Boz Scaggs into his solo career.  It was even easier to fall in love with the fresh sound of Silk Degrees when it arrived way back in 1976 with its high-charting hits like “Lido Shuffle”, “Lowdown”, and others.

EssentialBozScaggsScaggs followed that gem up with Down Two Then Left, a highly anticipated work that never quite measured up to the brilliance of Silk Degrees.  Nevertheless, all of Boz Scaggs’ albums held their own genius within the grooves.

On October 29, Legacy Recordings will release a career spanning, 2CD, 32-song Essential series title for Boz Scaggs that will not only peruse his Columbia years, but will dip into Atlantic effort (the self-titled classic from 1969), and his three Virgin Records efforts.  This set closes off with a track from his recent Memphis (2013) album issued by 429 Records.

I’m looking forward to this set.


Disc One – Selections: 1. I’ll Be Long Gone (A) • 2. Loan Me A Dime (A) • 3. Runnin’ Blue (C) • 4. We Were Always Sweethearts (B) • 5. Painted Bells (B) • 6. Near You (B) • 7. Dinah Flo (D) • 8. Might Have To Cry (D) • 9. You Make It So Hard (To Say No) (E) • 10. Slow Dancer (E) • 11. What Can I Say (F) • 12. It’s Over (F) • 13. Harbor Lights (F) • 14. Lowdown (F) • 15. Lido Shuffle (F) • 16. We’re All Alone (F) • 17. Hard Times (G).

Disc Two – Selections: 1. JoJo (H) • 2. Isn’t It Time (H) • 3. Simone (H) • 4. Breakdown Dead Ahead (H) • 5. Miss Sun (I) • 6. Look What You’ve Done To Me (I) • 7. Heart Of Mine (J) • 8. Some Change (K) • 9. Sierra (K) • 10. As The Years Go Passing By (with Booker T. & The MG’s) (L) • 11. It All Went Down The Drain (M) • 12. Miss Riddle (N) • 13. I Just Go (N) • 14. Thanks To You (N) • 15. Gone Baby Gone (O).

Album index:
A – from Boz Scaggs, originally issued 1969
B – from Moments, originally issued March 1971
C – from Boz Scaggs & Band, originally issued November 1971
D – from My Time, originally issued September 1972
E – from Slow Dancer, originally issued March 1974
F – from Silk Degrees, originally issued March 1976
G – from Down Two Then Left, originally issued November 1977
H – from Middle Man, originally issued April 1980
I – from Hits! originally issued November 1980
J – from Other Roads, originally issued May 1988
K – from Some Change, originally issued April 1994
L – from The Best Of The Columbia Records Radio Hour, Volume 2, originally issued 1996
M – from Come On Home, originally issued April 1997
N – from Dig, originally issued September 2001
O – from Memphis, originally issued March 2013

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  1. and still nothing from the very first album

    1965 Boz – – –
    Boz (album)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Studio album by Boz Scaggs
    Released 1965
    Recorded September 30, 1965
    Genre Rock
    Length 30:35
    Label Polydor LPHM46253
    Boz Scaggs chronology
    (1965) Boz Scaggs

    Boz was Boz Scaggs’ first solo album, recorded under the name “William R. Scaggs” on September 30, 1965 in Stockholm, Sweden. It was released in Sweden by Karusell Grammofon AB and distributed in Europe by Polydor International. It was never released in any other country, never released in any other format, and went out of print soon after its initial pressings. Neither the entire album nor any individual tracks from the album have ever been reissued.

    Album Track listing[edit]

    The back of the album jacket lists two songs in the incorrect sequence. This track sequence lists the song titles as printed on the labels on the album itself. The album labels contain many songwriter credit errors. The songwriters listed below are correct.

    Side One

    “Steamboat” – 2:10 (Buddy Lucas) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘Leiber/Stoller’]
    “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” – 2:19 (Gary Davis) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘van Schmidt’]
    “Girl From The North Country” – 3:33 (Bob Dylan)
    “You’re So Fine” – 2:07 (Lance Finnie, Willie Schofield) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘le Vang’]
    “Got You On My Mind” – 2:57 (Joe Thomas, Howard Biggs) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘Thomas/Briggs’]
    “That’s Allright” – 2:07 (Arthur Crudup) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘Allan Lumats’]
    Side Two

    “Hey Baby” – 2:30 (Bruce Channel, Margaret Cobb) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘Bruce Chanel’]
    “Gangster of Love” – 2:19 (Johnny “Guitar” Watson)
    “Let the Good Times Roll” – 2:17 (Sam Theard, Fleecie Moore Jordan) [Incorrectly listed on the album label as ‘Ray Charles/L. Jordan’]
    “How Long” – 2:16 (Traditional; arranged by William R. Scaggs)
    “Stormy Monday Blues” – 3:38 (Aaron Thibadeaux “T-Bone” Walker)
    “C.C. Rider” – 2:22 (Traditional; arranged by William R. Scaggs)

  2. Could somebody who knows Matt please pass along word to him that it has just been announced that Audio Fidelity is going to do an SACD hybrid of the self-titled first album? It will be mastered by Kevin Grey. To hear “Loan Me A Dime” and Duane Allman’s great guitar solo at the end of the song is just sending chills up my spine right now in knowing that a great job will be done on this. Also, the report from the Hoffman Forum is that this is going to be taken from the original mix. He’s going to want to know this right now.

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