While it may not have been known news outside of my post on Tuesday, where I was unsure of specifics, it can now be said that Recorded Live, the transcendent 1973 live album from Ten Years After is, in fact, going to be an awesome reality.

My original post is as follows:

“Rhino/Parlophone have a surprise title on the list for October 8.  If any of you were fans of Ten Years After, and gave their 1973 classic Live album, Recorded Live any kind of needle play, then you will be very excited (perhaps as much as I am, maybe even more) to know that Recorded Live is likely being revisited in a 2CD set.  But that’s all I know about this one.  But bear in mind that the original title was a Columbia Records one.  And so this may just be confusing news.  The release title is genuine, but will it be the one we know and love?  I’ll let you know.”

I have received confirmation that not only is this upcoming Deluxe Edition of Recorded Live going to happen, but that it will contain bonus tracks, seven of ’em!  (You can check out the extra tracks below.)  The album is going to be remastered (making it a must have!), and will contain a new deluxe booklet with liner notes by David K Tedds, who also serves as the project consultant for this reissue.


This is an album that I listened to for HOURS on its original release.  I can’t wait for the chance to do it again.

Disc One
Original Record One

1. One Of These Days (Frankfurt) 6:20
2. You Give Me Loving (Frankfurt) 6:10
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Frankfurt) 7:27
4. Hobbit (Frankfurt) 8:36
5. Help Me (Amsterdam) 10:49

Bonus Tracks     

6. Time Is Flying (Frankfurt) 5:36
7. Standing At The Station (Frankfurt) 11:51
8. Jam (Amsterdam) 18:09 

Disc Two
Bonus Tracks     

1. Help Me (Paris) 12:06
2. I Woke Up This Morning (Rotterdam) 4:26
3. Sweet Little Sixteen (Frankfurt) 4:24
4. Jam (Frankfurt) 16:33

Original Record Two

5. Classical Thing (Paris) 0:53
6. Scat Thing (Paris) 0:57
7. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 1) (Paris) 1:57
8. Extension On One Chord (Paris) 10:45
9. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 2) (Paris) 3:12
10. Silly Thing (Frankfurt) 1:09
11. Slow Blues in C (Frankfurt) 8:14
12. I’m Going Home (Frankfurt) 10:54
13. Choo Choo Mama (Frankfurt) 3:21

So, if you’re a Ten Years After fan, pencil in October 8 to insure that you pick up an exciting reissue of Recorded Live.

But there is more Ten Years After news.

TenYearsAfterPositiveVibrationsNot only is Recorded Live on the near release horizon, but the band’s classic Positive Vibrations (1974) is being made into a Deluxe Edition as well.  The album, as with Recorded Live, will be remastered.  There are going to be bonus track inclusions for this reissue too, but not outtakes, alternate versions of familiar songs, demos, or rehearsal cuts from the album sessions.  The reason for this is because there are none to be found.  However, there are outtakes from the Recorded Live release that will be added here including a performance track of “Sweet Little Sixteen” from a show in Atlanta in 1970.

Positive Vibrations Deluxe Edition will come with a deluxe booklet, with new historical liner notes, and such.  And honestly, more Recorded Live performance tracks is gonna be pretty awesome, if you ask me.  There’s another version of “I’m Going Home” from Paris, “Rock And Roll Music To the World” from Frankfurt, and more, including a short radio ad for Positive Vibrations tacked on at the end of the second disc. Here’s the Track-list:

Disc 1: POSITIVE VIBRATIONS (original album)

1. Nowhere To Run 3:58
2. Positive Vibrations 4:14
3. Stone Me 4:53
4. Without You 3:57
5. Going Back To Birmingham  2:36
6. It’s Getting Harder  4:22
7. You’re Driving Me Crazy  2:23
8. Look Into My Life  4:14
9. Look Me Straight Into The Eyes  6:18
10. I Wanted To Boogie  3:33

Disc 2: BONUS TRACKS (previously unreleased)

1. Rock & Roll Music To The World (Frankfurt) 4:26
2. Once There Was A Time (Frankfurt) 3:53
3. Help Me (Frankfurt) 13:06
4. One Of These Days (Paris) 9:15
5. Spoonful (Paris) 6:30
6. I’m Going Home (Paris) 11:39
7. Standing At The Station (Amsterdam) 10:50
8. Sweet Little Sixteen (Atlanta) 3:59
9. Positive Vibrations Radio Advert (1974) 0:40

Is this news great?

By MARowe

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  1. MAR, could not agree with you more, there were some classic over the top live albums at times a little self indulgent but they were great, with the soon to be released huge box set of Humble Pie’s “Performance” Rockin’ The Fillmore and now the above, and with Alvin Lee’s passing a few months back this will be a fitting tribute, can’t wait

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