–The Sundazed label is continuing on with more of their great work. They are releasing two more The Mamas & The Papas titles on September 24. They will be the second and third albums from the band-the self-titled Mamas & the Papas and Deliver. The self-titled album will be the mono version while Deliver will be in stereo.(Hoffman Forum).

–I can’t even recall if Matt reported on this many moons ago or not, but I wanted to throw this out to you. If enough of us pray for this thing to make it out, then it’ll be worth the effort. I didn’t know about this, but a website was developed last year for a box set project for Free that was supposed to have been released last year. It was to be called Free From The Shadows and was to contain their entire catalog of albums, plus outtakes and rehearsals. It has been sitting in limbo since then. Let’s hope something kick-starts this thing into gear once again. (Hoffman forum)

–A big project being taken on by way of Amnesty International, the human rights based organization, is a release of multiple concert highlights from the Amnesty Tours over the years. These include CDs and DVDs of the tours covering the 1986 Conspiracy Of Hope, the 1988 Human Rights Now!, the 1990 An Embrace Of Hope and the 1998 The Struggle Continues Tours. The main focus of these releases will center around the 6-DVD set. Individual CD title releases of the separate tours will also be available. All of the details can be viewed over at http://www.humanrightsconcerts.com/. The Shout! Factory and Eagle Rock labels are involved in these releases. (Hoffman Forum)

–It passed by the eyes of Matt and myself. I was out shopping at one of the few remaining independent stores where I live and saw that Eagle Rock has released separate DVD and Blu-ray sets for Carlos Santana & John McLaughlinLive At Montreux 2011. It is out now.


–Something else which sneaked out. Jim CroceThe Lost Recordings from Sony Music Special Products. Though it’s not a very long disc, the price is definitely reasonable. (Hoffman Forum)

–Though currently waiting for a distributor, there is another potentially fascinating documentary looming for the public to see. An article in the current Rolling Stone Magazine titled How Rock & Roll Got The Blues describes a film from John Anderson about Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop, Paul Butterfield and Barry Goldberg got in with the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf to develop their Blues acumen. There will be commentary from Bob Dylan and Keith Richards in the film as well. Hopefully, this will eventually develop into a future DVD release. (Rolling Stone Magazine)

–Rolling Stone Magazine has also reported, via an interview with David Crosby, that the reason for the delay in the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live 1974 box is because of Neil Young citing sound quality issues with the recordings. It is still being slated for early next year. (Rolling Stone Magazine)

–Steve Talia 

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “Talia’s Overflow Notes – 08/28/2013”
  1. Thank you Mr. Young for being so concerned about the audio; it may be a pain to wait but I would rather for the sake of better sound quality!
    Also on the Hoffman site is the news that the first four Posies albums are slated for the deluxe reissue treatment – great news for us Posies fans! No due date as yet but count me in on that!

  2. Steve could not agree more “Foghat” were an amazing band, the first few albums were great up until “Stone Blue” then they followed the trends leaning a little more towards new wave in some of their latter day material. I must admit
    Foghat Live is the gem, it would be nice to see with a number of bands, release a deluxe edition. Don’t like our chances.

    1. Peter, I bet it begins to happen more and more. There is that expanded Humble Pie set. There is an exciting expanded Recorded Live coming from.Ten Years After coming. Foghat Live would be a natural, so I bet it gets done at some point.

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