There is quite a history surrounding the origination of The Mission, or, as they were known in the States, The Mission UK.  Previously working with the UK-based The Sisters Of Mercy, Craig Adams, and Wayne Hussey (originally from Dead Or Alive) both soon left in a contention with Sisters of Mercy mainstay, Andrew Eldritch.  They briefly formed a band called The Sisterhood, but Eldritch disapproved the use of the similar name.  Therefore, The Mission was born.

Essentially, The Mission started in 1986 with the release of their debut album, God’s Own Medicine.  From there, they became a Goth-flavored band gaining a solid following.  The band held chart clout (primarily in the UK) for quite a few important albums up through the mid-’90s.  The band then released several other non-charting albums in the New Millennium.

TheMission The Brightest LightOn September 17 (US), The Mission will release a new album of fresh new songs, twelve in all.  The album, called The Brightest Light, will also release in the UK on September 20, and France, on September 23.

The Mission are original members, Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, and Simon Hinkler, along with drummer, Mike Kelly.  The Mission will embark on an 18-date support tour for the album, ten of those in the US, with the remaining eight in Europe, beginning in September.

The Brightest Light will be released as the expected standard CD issue with 12 songs, but will also be issued as a 2LP, gatefold edition with five bonus tracks, and a 2CD Deluxe Edition with eight bonus tracks.

If you were a The Mission (or Mission UK) fan, then this release should be exciting for you.  It’s certainly exciting for Wayne Hussey, who said of the album, “This is my rock album. It’s all fully flexed muscle and proud of itself. I wanted us to capture as closely as possible the sound that we make when we play live and I believe that for the very first time ever we have succeeded.” As a Mission UK fan myself, I’m quite excited to hear new music from the ’80s band.


Check out the new single, “Drag” from the album on the embedded video below after the track-listing:

01. Black Cat Bone
02. Everything But The Squeal
03. Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place
04. Drag
05. Born Under A Good Sign
06. The Girl In The Furskin Rug
07. When The Trap Clicks Shut Behind Us
08. Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now
09. Just Another Pawn In Your Game
10. From The Oyster Comes The Pearl
11. Swan Song
12. Litany For The Faithful


By MARowe