George Duke was a powerhouse of a keyboardist.  Traditionally, he was accustomed to the Jazz style he loved so well.  But like Sonny Rollins, George Duke, at times, stepped outside that to hit a few notes with the Rock, R&B, and Pop kids.  His life of music was rich , with a deep legacy left behind.  Even today, he is revered for his music craft, keys, and synth playing.

Duke played with Miles Davis, an historic legacy all by itself.  With Stanley Clarke, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, and Billy Cobham in his resume as well, it shows the depth that George Duke has gone to create music, all kinds of it.

And so it is a fact to say that the loss of George Duke, 67, who died on August 5 in Santa Monica, CA of a heart complication, will leave a black shadow in the places he usually stood, played, or otherwise lived.

He will be missed. But one thing is sure, will always be sure.  That is his inclusion in the Great Band will change it dramatically.  They have no idea!

GeorgeDuke RIPGeorge Duke
1946 – 2013

By MARowe