For those of you who are lucky enough to go and see English Blues legend, John Mayall perform in your town, you might be interested to know that Mr. Mayall has been hanging out at various locations in the places he’s been playing at and selling archive CDs before he hits the stage and then does the same thing after the shows. He’s the one who is actually selling the discs. This is a nice way to greet the man and let him know how much you’ve appreciated his artistry over the years.


He’s been selling three volumes of these discs. Most of the material covers the ’90s. However, the first volume contains tracks from 1970 and 1971. These discs are also available through his official website at www.johnmayall.com via a link with CD Baby.

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Through an e-mail from their official website, The Rolling Stones have announced another download-only (so far) exclusive. For a limited time through iTunes, you can download their presentation of the recent Hyde Park gigs that they have done. The download is available for a limited time. There’s got to be an eventual DVD and/or CD release coming from the 50 And Counting Tour. I would be hard-pressed to believe they would only go so far as the download of the Hyde Park highlights and then be done with it.


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Sharp-eyed observers over at both IMWAN and the Hoffman Forum have discovered that Amazon has put up a CD pre-order for The Grateful DeadSunshine Daydream (Veneta, OR 8/27/72). One cloudy report states that this package may actually be a 3-CD/1DVD set. An e-mail from the official Grateful Dead organization/Rhino concerning this release has not appeared yet. Fans might want to wait to see if GD.net sends out an e-mail with links to their own store to see if there are going to be some extra goodies added to the set if you order from them directly.


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Rumors are beginning to surface that there may yet be more hopeful Immersion set activity from the Pink Floyd camp. A reader at IMWAN has posted that Nick Mason told an interviewer from Record Collector Magazine that he still wants to see an Immersion Edition for the early Syd Barrett-era albums. Mason has been saying this ever since the Pink Floyd organization started up the huge Pink Floyd remasters program from a couple of years ago.

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People over at the Hoffman Board have pieced together that engineer, Eddie Kramer, has been putting the finishing touches on a new 5.1 mixing project. The report originated from his own Facebook page, but remained ambiguous. Kramer would not reveal what the project was for. It has now been pieced together that Kramer is putting the finishing touches on a currently unnamed Jimi Hendrix project (speculation is that it could be Royal Albert Hall 1969, possibly Miami Pop 1968 or even a long-dreamed for 5.1 Electric Ladyland album and sessions package that many have clamored for).

It can now be stated clearly that Kramer was not involved in doing any work for the Led Zeppelin individual albums box sets that Jimmy Page has embarked upon.

–Steve Talia

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “Talia’s Overflow Notes – 07/25/2013”
  1. A 5.1 mix of Electric Lady Land would be phenomenal. There are a couple of stereo effects on that album that already seem to travel around the room. I’d be less enthused about a live surround mix but I’d have to pick it up anyway.

  2. How about putting together a immersion set for animals.I’m not the biggest fan of these immersion sets a little to much fluff,but I would buy the animals set

      1. I wonder if there is anything substantial in the vault to warrant an Animals Immersion Set. I have been hoping for that too. While TDSOTM is the PF album I hold most revered, Animals is my favorite Floyd album. The fact that two early versions of songs on Animals were part of the live disc in the “Wish You Were Here” immersion set made me feel that, if they were going to do an Animals immersion set those live versions would have been held back.
        I suppose there has to be demo versions and alternate studio takes. And it’s hard to believe there wasn’t any live recordings from the Animals tour. If there was a video recording of a concert from that era that could certainly be included.
        I have assumed that since it’s been over a year since the first immersion sets were announced and we haven’t heard anything else, that nothing is more is forthcoming.
        I’d also love to see more from the Meddle era. If there isn’t enough material they could double some albums up – like Meddle and Obscured By Clouds, The Division Bell and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, and Atom Heart Mother and Ummagumma.
        Also, why no blu-ray yet for “The Wall” (which should have been included in the immersion set), Pulse, or Live At Pompeii. What are they waiting for, the majority of their fanbase to die off? Come on guys, it’s time to put anything worth releasing out. I am also surprised that Roger Waters hasn’t put out a bluray and cd of his latest Wall tour.

  3. I would love to see and hear proper remixes of R U Experienced, Axis and Ladyland. And a little off topic, but why hasn’t Cream ever been properly redone?

  4. Hi Matt,
    Even though she may only be a cartoon, could you please give my phone number to the paragraph divider and have her call me up so that we can get together? I’m in love already. LOL!
    Hi People-Apparently, what Mason would like is for one big Immersion set to come out that contains the early albums together. Back when the Why Pink Floyd campaign started, there had been early rumors that an Animals set was going to be done. It faded into obscurity. For extras on an Animals set, I’d love to have the bootlegs of the two Oakland ’77 shows included. They probably were not recorded by the band itself and the boots probably would not be considered good enough qulity to put out on a box set.
    If I was a betting man, my money is on the odds that Eddie Kramer has put together the 5.1 mix for Royal Albert Hall ’69 or Miami Pop ’68. These are also both slated to have CD releases as companion pieces.
    Bob M- In what regard are you referring to in that Cream has not been properly re-done? Are you referring to 5.1 mixes? Or are you referring to regular CD reissues? Or big individual box sets for each album?

  5. Bill you’re right about the wall being on blu ray,as far as pulse goes that wasn’t shot on film so as far as I understand it has to be on film to be transferred to blu ray.But what amazes me is that Delicate Sound Of Thunder has never been released on dvd,and I believe that was shot on film I still watch my laserdisc of this concert

  6. Hi Steve
    I’ve always thought that Cream has never been properly remastered on CD. I am not really a 5.1 guy, though if it comes along and it is a particular favourite, I have the gear to enjoy it. But going back to Cream – the sound on all of the discs, except for the reissue of Disreali, its pretty poor – they sound like most of the CDs that first came out – flat and muffled. I know they have been “remastered”, but what a difference if they were done today with the right person at the helm. I think the Beatles reissues show what can be done.

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