Well, well…here’s some interesting news especially for Fleetwood Mac fans.  None of us ever thought this would ever happen but Rhino is planning a reissue of Then Play On from 1969.  This album features both Peter Green AND Danny Kirwan.  It’s a good album to re-release, for sure, but I really have my heart now set on other Fleetwood Mac classics like Bare Trees, Heroes Are Hard To Find, Mystery To Me, and others.  While the full details are still unavailable. it looks like our noise have been heard.  Here’s to Then Play On, and any, pre-Buckingham/Nicks FM that Rhino feels they can reissue.  What’s most important now is that we step up and buy this one or we may NOT ever see another one.  Then Play On is expected on August 20.


As if this weren’t enough exciting Fleetwood Mac news, Rhino also has plans to release a 4LP set, Fleetwood Mac – 1969-1972, also on August 20.  Included in this massive LP collection will be a bonus 7″ vinyl single.

Dualtone Music plan a Deluxe Edition of the 2012 debut release from The Lumineers, who possess a grand folk-rock appeal.  The Deluxe Edition will feature both CD and DVD.  The CD will contain (of course) the original album as well as five previously unreleased tracks (“Ain’t Nobody’s Problem”, a cover of Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”, “Elouise”, “Darleen”, and a live version of “Slow It Down”).  The DVD will contain official music videos (“Ho Hey”, “Stubborn Love”) , a feature (From The Road), and never before seen interviews with the band (Life Since April 3, 2012). The new booklet will be 28-pages and will feature added photos, etc.  This Deluxe Edition is planned for August 20.


I’m very respectful of the indie label Jagjaguwar, especially of the excellent track record they have in finding and signing interesting talents (Black Mountain, Foxygen, etc.).  Recently signed and announced for August 20, is the debut issue from Diana, named Perpetual Surrender.  Check out their video of “Born Again” via the video included below.  Jagjaguwar also maintains an excellent and very strong YouTube channel featuring all of their signings.


Friday Music have a Limited Edition 180g, gatefold vinyl LP reissue planned for Hermit Of Mink Hollow, the 1978 album from Todd Rundgren.  This is a continuation of Friday Music’s ongoing Todd Rundgren collection series.


Also coming from Friday Music is Headquarters, the 1967 classic album from The Monkees.  This 2CD Deluxe Edition set will feature The Original Stereo Album with Bonus tracks, and on another CD, the Original Mono Album with Bonus Tracks.  All in all, there will be 50 total tracks, 22 of them bonus.  Headquarters is planned for August 20.


Arbutus Records have an album coming from the interesting Montreal band, Braids on August 20.  The album is called Flourish//Perish and will be made available on both CD and LP.  I like quirky music like this!

Sub Pop Records have An Object coming from No Age on August 20 in both CD and LP.

Ada/Surfdog Records have See You There, a 12-track new album of re-recorded Glen Campbell classics  from Glen Campbell that is promised for August 13 on both CD and LP.

Finally, Rhino will collect Richard Pryor albums in a 7CD Box called The Warner Bros Albums: 1975-1983.  This set is slated for August 13.


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    1. Ken, it is a great album. I even like “Thoughts on a Grey Day” from it. But those guitars in “Sunny Side of Heaven”, wow!

      1. “Sunny Side Of Heaven” was the first track that grabbed me from that LP. Beautiful song!

  1. Matt,
    This news just made my day (re: Then Play On). When I saw it, I have to admit that my jaw dropped. I hope we get decent mastering from it and that the other early post-Green album get reissued as well. I also really hope that some nice liner notes will be involved too.

    1. Stephen, I know what you mean. I was stunned when I got this. This has been a wish of many, many FM fans. The real problem, of course, is moving away from the money stream of Buckingham/Nicks era, which WB likely wishes were more albums from. The reality, there are great versions of FM with Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, and Bob Welch. I personally feel these were better versions of FM, although I do love to a fair degree, the B/N era.

      I have to hope that the other albums, pre-B/N get reissued as well.

      And thanks again, Stephen, for all your contributions. I get so overwhelmed with everything I do that I lose sight of many things. Much of TAP’s TAPSheet is formed by looking at email one-sheets, etc at he time I’m writing them up.

      I wish you would craft up a written piece that lists the nuggets you unearth.

      1. Hi Matt,
        If people at the Hoffman Forum and IMWAN and various other sources don’t get angry at me for cherry-picking, I’d do it. Just let me know how you’d want me to do this. I’d like to do this through Musictap and I can just shoot it off to you via e-mail. If I do this, I also have an ulterior motive of sorts. I’ve told you about my dear love of music from Africa in the ’70s. This would be my opportunity to let people know and get turned on to the stuff the Analog Africa and Soundway labels put out.
        Some of your readers probably don’t go to Hoffman or IMWAN and I think they would be interested in knowing that Experience Hendrix/Sony announced the pre-order for the CD version of the already released on vinyl (a year ago) of Jimi Hendrix Experience-Live In Cologne 1969 through AuthenticHendrix.com. This transpired a few days ago.

  2. Then Play On, one of the 10 or so records that I have on my high priority list for remastering. This is good news. I head read somewhere that Rhino was preparing a deluxe edition of this record a number of years ago and then shelved it. HMV Japan has listed the following tracks for the august 20th release. It looks like we are getting a combined English/American version
    01. Coming Your Way 02. Closing My Eyes 03. Fighting For Madge 04. When You Say 05. Show Biz Blues 06. Underway 07. One Sunny Day 08. Although The Sun Is Shining 09. Rattlesnake Shake 10. Without You 11. Searching For Madge 12. My Dream 13. Like Crying 14. Before The Beginning
    Bonus Tracks
    15. Oh Well – Pt. 1 16. Oh Well – Pt. 2 17. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) 18. World In Harmony

    BTW Matt, the post TPO FM records that preceded the B/N era were staples in many record collections in the late 60s and early 70s. I am astonished that they have not yet surfaced – even in Japan.

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