BTFABGTenderoticsSam Rosenthal began his label, Projekt Records, as a vehicle to distribute the music from his band, Black Tape For A Blue Girl. To date, Black Tape For a Blue Girl has released ten studio albums over a period of 23 years. Their last, 10 Neurotics (2009), expressed Rosenthal’s growing interest in dark cabaret. However, since 10 Neurotics, Black Tape For A Blue Girl has been quiet.

The music of BTFaBG (Black Tape For A Blue Girl)deeply reflects the evolutionary musical mind of Rosenthal, who assembles a new band when his need to express becomes necessary. On this occasion, Sam Rosenthal farms out most of the unique songs from 10 Neurotics, with remixing in mind, to recreate the nuances of some of those tunes.

Tenderotics begins with an Erik Wollo remixed treatment of “The Perfect Pervert”, providing it with an electronica dance vibe. But that doesn’t carry over to the others. With remixes and recreations by eclectic talents like Steve Roach, Android Lust, Attrition, Steve Jones, and even Sam Rosenthal himself, Tenderotics cosmetically nips and tuck with experimental surgery surprising every time with a uniquely expressive rework. Erik Wollo is chosen to end the album with his dark ethereal mix of “Halo Star (2013)”.

The hallmark of Black Tape For a Blue Girl album releases have always been the poetic expression of dark human emotion encased in the music interests of Sam Rosenthal at the time of composition. Tenderotics is an album that has the creator of 10 Neurotics entrusting his personal songs to others. And it is safe to say that the others have not defiled the songs, but have instead given them new blood with which to exist within a different sphere of life.

Yes, there are many pages in Tenderotics. And within those pages you’ll find new stories. The words are the same, but the pulse has quickened, and the varied sounds somehow change the mood.

Release Date: February 12, 2013

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe

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