Unfortunately, not all of our wishes get the Anniversary Edition.  This is the case with Eric Clapton’s wonderful, No Reason To Cry (released as [no reason to cry]) out in 1976.  That album not only generated the hit single, “Hello Old Friend”, it was also a party at The Band’s legendary Shangri-La Studios attended by Ron Wood, Bob Dylan (who contributed an unreleased Dylan track, “Sign Language”), Yvonne Elliman, all members of The Band, and others.  But 2006 has passed, and 2012 is near end (the album’s 35th Anniversary), and it looks like we will not see such a work in any kind of Anniversary Edition.


Eric Clapton’s next album, Slowhand, released in 1977 was quite the powerhouse.  It single-handedly delivered three high-charting singles, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Cocaine”, “and Lay Down Sally”.  In addition to those drivers, the album was given three-time Platinum status, a remarkable feat by ANY standard.

And so, on November 19, Polydor Records will issue a 35th Anniversary Edition for Slowhand.  The 35th Anniversary set will be offered in four versions that include LP, a 2CD Deluxe Edition, a 3CD/DVD/LP Super Deluxe Edition, and a single CD set.

The album will feature remastered tracks.  Other details that are expected too be with the set have not been released.  I’ll be sure to catch up this article with any fill-in info that is received concerning the 35th Anniversary Edition of Slowhand.

I’m just real sad that No Reason To Cry was ignored.

By MARowe

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  1. Go celebrate all the David Cassidy reissues instead. Actually I preferred Slowhand myself.

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