The music of Bloc Party has changed from album to album as if the band were unhappy with their phenomenal first album, Silent Alarm (2005).  Many of us were concerned with their dramatic direction change, even though Intimacy (2008) gave a hint that they knew where their roots were.  It was certainly better than A Weekend In The City (2007).  Still, it was NOT Silent Alarm.

After the release of Intimacy, it was felt that Bloc Party would no longer be the band we all had loved immediately with the promise that Silent Alarm carried.  However, after a more than a few years, Bloc Party releases their fourth album, named Four.  And with Four, they return to the promise of the first.

Now, to be fair, Four does not match the intensity of Silent Alarm.  But what it does do is very thrilling.  It returns full speed to the promise that Silent Alarm gave fans.  And yes, Four rocks the house.

The opening song, “So He Begins To Lie”, while a good tune does not provide a hint at what’s the come in the other songs.  Maybe it’s good sequencing.  I like the song, but it doesn’t fill me with the hope of great Bloc Party.  With the next song, “3×3”, your ears perk up.

It is “Octopus” that the ball of fire that fills you inside begins to take shape.  And for most of the album, you realize that Bloc Party has just come home again.  That they’re shaking the dust off their long slumber and putting those rock ‘n’ roll shoes on again.

“Kettling” is a flame-thrower of a song.  I love the title of “Day Four” and what it speaks of.  I love its perfection.  Then there is “V.A.L.I.S.”, and “Truth”, songs that give the album teeth.  The remaining songs on Four, for the most part, are excellent.  If Four is an indication of where the band is headed, I’m on that train.

After Four, I now have complete faith that Bloc Party will do what we always had hope for for them to do, to become a solid fixture in our need for bands to follow.  Hope those shoes are comfortable enough to stay around for what is yet to come.

I love Four!

Release Date: August 21, 2012

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe