[UPDATE THREE – (Almost) Full Disclosure] We have most of the necessary info for this upcoming 4CD Cocteau Twins collection, Treasure Hiding – The Fontana Years. And as expected, it will be nice and complete.

(If you can help me put the finishing touches on the track list origins, that’d be greatly helpful to all fans of the band.)

For the most part, Cocteau Twins released their magnificent sets of gorgeous music on the UK-based 4AD. From the band’s experimental debut, Garlands (1982) until their final 4AD issue, Heaven or Las VegasCocteau Twins delivered a string of full-length gems, EPs, and a mass of singles. But before their demise, they moved over to Fontana Records, which was the issuing label for Four-Calendar Café (1993), and the band’s swan song, Milk & Kisses (1996). Within the framework of the two Fontana studio albums, there were three EPs (Snow – 1993, Twinlights – 1995, Otherness – 1995), and four singles (Evangeline – 1993, the popular “Bluebeard” – 1994, Tishbite – 1996, Violaine – 1996).

On October 12, Fontana and UMe will release Treasure Hiding -The Fontana Years containing the two original albums, Four-Calendar Café (1993), and Milk & Kisses (1996). Also included over the four CDs will be the Fontana-issued EPs previously mentioned. Rounding out the set will be a collection of B-sides, and BBC Radio One performance tracks. (Help me fill in the details of the track-list of CD3 and CD4, if you know.)

CD1 (Four-Calendar Café):
01. Know Who You Are At Every Age
02. Evangeline
03. Bluebeard
04. Theft, And Wandering Around Lost
05. Oil Of Angels
06. Squeeze-Wax
07. My Truth
08. Essence
09. Summerhead
10. Pur

CD2 (Milk & Kisses):
01. Violaine
02. Serpentskirt
03. Tishbite
04. Half-Gifts
05. Calfskin Smack
06. Rilkean Heart
07. Ups
08. Eperdu
09. Treasure Hiding
10. Seekers Who Are Lovers

01. Mud And Dark
02. Summer-Blink
03. Winter Wonderland (Snow EP)
04. Frosty The Snowman (Snow EP)
05. Three Swept
06. Ice Pulse
07. Bluebeard
08. Rilkean Heart (Twinlights EP)
09. Golden-Vein (Twinlights EP)
10. Pink Orange Red (Twinlights EP)
11. Half-Gifts (Twinlights EP)
12. Feet Like Fins (Otherness EP)
13. Seekers Who Are Lovers (Otherness EP)
14. Violaine (Otherness EP)
15. Cherry Coloured Funk (Otherness EP)
16. Tishbite
17. Primitive Heart
18. Flock Of Soul
19. Round
20. An Elan

01. Smile
02. Tranquil Eye
03. Circling Girl
04. Alice
05. Circling Girl
06. Touch Upon Touch
07. Serpentskirt
08. Golden-Vein
09. Half-Gifts
10. Seekers Who Are Lovers
11. Calfskin Smack
12. Fifty – Fifty Clown
13. Violaine


By MARowe