Laurie Anderson came to the attention of avant-garde music fans everywhere with the arrival of her brilliant but ever-so-different “O Superman” song – in edited mode. Recorded full length for her debut album – Big Science – in 1982, the song gave her legs to continue with a growing audience of fans. Over time, Laurie Anderson released innovative and intriguing music and spoken word albums – nine of them, Her last was released in 2015, the spoken word soundtrack to Heart Of The Dog. Famously married to Lou Reed, she supported his career while back-burning her to a degree. It’s great to have her back. (If you have not heard The Ugly One With The Jewels (spoken word), then if you’re musically adventurous, and have a thing for the avant-garde, maybe even Laurie Anderson herself, you will find it an endearing and memorable experience. Myself, I’ve yet to forget it.)

On August 30, Nonesuch Records will release her latest album, Amelia. This new album will contain 22 new songs from the 2024 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. One of those tracks – “Road To Mandalay” is now available to listen to (hear below). If you pre-order from Nonesuch (here) you can get the CD, and/or LP (pressed on black vinyl) along with a print and free MP3 single and album. The songs on the album are crafted with Amelia Earhart as its singular subject in a way that only Laurie Anderson can accomplish.

Amelia is being released on CD, DD, and Black vinyl LP.

AmeliaLaurie Anderson
01 To Circle the World
02 I See Something Shining
03 Take-off
04 Aloft
05 San Juan
06 Brazil
07 Crossing the Equator
08 The Badlands
09 Waves of Sand
10 The Letter
11 India and on Down to Australia
12 This Modern World
13 Flying at Night
14 The Word for Woman Here
15 Road to Mandalay
16 Broken Chronometers
17 Nothing But Silt
18The Wrong Way
19 Fly Into the Sun
20 Howland Island
21 Radio
22 Lucky Dime

By MARowe