Throbbing Gristle is a British band that experimented and helped give rise to the Industrial sound. Beginning in the late ’70s, their involvement in doing something different than the status quo gave them fame and drew interest from fans who were looking to alter and shake up the flavor of the music they listened to. Throbbing Gristle delivered their first album via Industrial Records back in 1977. After five albums, Throbbing Gristle signed with Mute Records and delivered CD1 in 1986. Throbbing Gristle reunited as a performing band in 2004, and released their last, The Third Mind Movements in 2009. Throbbing Gristle remains one of Rock’s more interesting bands to this day.

On August 23, Mute Records revisits two of the band’s albums, CD1, and The Third Mind Movements for next releases in the Mute reissue series campaign for Throbbing Gristle. (Previously, Mute has reissued Part Two – The Endless Not (2007), TG Now (2004), and A Souvenir Of Camber Sands, a live set.) The reissue of CD1 represents its first time on vinyl LP, while The Third Mind Movements represent its first time on vinyl LP, and the first time on CD commercially. You can listen to the “The Man From Nowhere” track from The Third Mind Movements below.

CD1 and The Third Mind Movements will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP, You can pre-order from Mute Records here.

CD1Throbbing Gristle
01 CD1

The Third Mind MovementsThrobbing Gristle
01 The Man From Nowhere
02 PreMature
03 Secluded
04 Perception Is The Only Reality
05 Not That I Am
06 The Third Mind: First Movement
07 The Third Mind: Second Movement
08 The Third Mind: Third Movement

By MARowe