Since 1976, fans of Pat Metheny have enjoyed the guitar works that have immersed within the Jazz style and has given us around 50 albums in which to enjoy his craftings with. His music has garnered more than a few Grammy wins and nominations among other awards. Among his solo efforts, he has done collaborative work, work with a collective, and has created a few soundtracks for filmworks. Pat Metheny has never experienced downtime and is still as creative a force as the Jazz style has attached to.

On July 26, Pat Metheny continues his creativity with a brand new album – MoonDial. MoonDial will feature 13 tracks that are fashioned using a custom nylon string baritone guitar, a guitar he recently used on his tour. The album is purely a solo effort.

MoonDial will be released via Modern Recordings, his label home for his last three albums after an extensive run with Nonesuch Recordings. This new album currently has two singles out, one of which you can listen to below – “MoonDial”.

MoonDial will be released on CD, DD, and 2LP pressed on black vinyl. Bundles with autographed prints can be ordered via his website.

MoonDialPat Metheny
01 MoonDial
02 La Crosse
03 You’re Everything
04 Here, There and Everywhere
05 We Can’t See It, But It’s There
06 Falcon Love
07 Everything Happens To Me / Somewhere
08 Londonderry Air
09 This Belongs To You
10 Shoga
11 My Love And I
12 Angel Eyes
13 MoonDial (epilogue)

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