Back in the ’70s, after Eric Burdon released an album with the collective, WAR went on to become a solid band with strong record-making chops. Their first popular song after Burdon was “All Day Music”, which eventually led to classics like “Why Can’t We Be Friends”, “The Cisco Kid”, “The World Is A Ghetto”, and “Low Rider”. All told, WAR gave the world a few timeless classics with seven peak period sets that include All Day Music (1971), The World Is A Ghetto (1972), Deliver The Word (1973), Why Can’t We Be Friends (1975), Platinum Jazz (1976), Galaxy (1977), and The Music Band (1979). All told, WAR released 19 albums.

On July 19, Avenue Records will release the previously available The World Is A Ghetto 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition on 4CD. Previously available as a 5LP Box sub-labeled as The Complete Sessions. The 4CD edition will also be released as The 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

The World Is A Ghetto (50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) – WAR

CD1 (Original Album)
01 The Cisco Kid
02 City, Country, City
03 Four-Cornered Room
04 Where Was You At?
05 Beetles In The Bog
06 The World Is A Ghetto

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
07 LA Sunshine (Original Jam)
08 War Is Coming (Original Jam)
09 Lonnie’s Wednesday Night Jam
10 Lee’s Latin Jam
11 Blues for Papa Dee
12 This Is My Song Milton James

CD3 (Extras)
01 The Making Of “The Cisco Kid”
02 The Making Of “Where Was You At”
03 The Making Of “City, Country, City”

CD4 (Extras)
01 The Making Of “Four Cornered Room”
02 The Making Of “The World Is A Ghetto”
03 The Making Of “Beetles In The Bog”

By MARowe