America hit the gold on their eponymous 1971 debut album when they released “A Horse With No Name” as a single, followed by “Sandman”, and “I Need You”. Interestingly, the label did not release “A Horse With No Name” on the debut album, but included it in a subsequent re-release due to the success of the standalone song. The trio was comprised of Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek (RIP), and Dewey Bunnell. Both Beckley and Bunnell still tour as America. Gerry Beckley has released a series of solo albums since 1995, and currently has 9 albums in his catalog.

On June 28, Bluélan Records will release the next Gerry Beckley album in a self-titled set that will contain 12 new songs from the singer/songwriter. Currently, the new album has 3 singles out that include “Crazy”, the album’s first single, “Well Worn Shoes”, and the descriptive “Red And Blue”. You can hear “Crazy” below.

Gerry Beckley will be released on CD, DD, and a Limited Edition LP pressed on Clear vinyl ( an EXTRA order includes a turntable slipmat). A bundle can be purchased that will add all of these together along with a custom black tee and the slipmat.

Gerry BeckleyGerry Beckley
01 My Life
02 Amnesia
03 Well Worn Shoes
04 Crazy
05 Everybody’s Talkin’
06 Simone
07 Arrow
08 Folly
09 Where There’s A Will
10 Even If Tomorrow
11 Red And Blue
12 One Lit Window

By MARowe