From the musically chaotic years of the late ’70s, the emergence of Punk music was designed to present a new order designed to displace the “aging” rock bands of the time. There were many punk bands, including Sex Pistols, Wire, The Ramones, The Clash, Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders, U.K. Subs, and others that spearheaded this arrival, and all accomplished much. While Punk remains as a force today, the first era of Punk gave birth to New Wave and Post-Punk movements that also created many a great bands.

U.K. Subs released 23 albums, with Reverse Engineering (2022) their final offering. Their debut set, Another Kind Of Blues issued in 1979 and charted up to 21 on the UK charts, followed by two other high charting efforts with Brand New Age (1980), and Diminished Responsibility (1981). Their stage presence was powerful and raucous, generating 17 live sets. Throughout it all, vocalist Charlie Harper remained as the sole member, backed by longtime member, Alvin Gibbs. U.K. Subs traversed the years with many, many accomplices in an ever-changing band.

On May 3, U.K. Subs put the nails in the coffin with the release of their final live set – The Last Will and Testament Of U.K. Subs. The show contained within this set are a collection of 25 well-known songs from their storied career performed in the tour for their last album, the previously mentioned Reverse Engineering. The set will be offered via Cleopatra Records as a CD/DVD package that will give the audio and video completion to the show. The live shows were five sold out shows at London’s infamous 100 Club.

The Last Will And Testament Of U.K. Subs will be provided on CD/DVD, and DD (digital download). View a taste of the show below.

The Last Will And Testament Of U.K. Subs (CD and DVD) – U.K. Subs
01 Scum Of The Earth
02 Bitter & Twisted
03 Fear Of Girls
04 Rockers
05 New York State Police
06 Barbie’s Dead
07 Emotional Blackmail
08 Kicks
09 Fragile
10 Kill Me
11 Limo Life
12 Time And Matter
13 Down On The Farm
14 Tomorrow’s Girls
15 Warhead
16 Riot
17 Stranglehold
18 Disease
19 C.I.D.
20 I Live In A Car
21 I Couldn’t Be You
22 Party In Paris
23 Squat 96
24 Keep On Running (Till You Burn)
25 Teenage

By MARowe