Of all members that have been a part of the magic of Hawkwind, there is a lone talent that remains – guitarist Dave Brock. Brock helped start Hawkwind back in 1969 and has remained throughout every release by the band. Like lone visionaries that furthered their bands past many expiration dates, Brock has provided the ingredient to keep the music interesting and revisitable. The last album by HawkwindThe Future Never Waits – was released in 2023, representing their 35(!) album.

On April 5, Hawkwind plans to release their next album – Stories From Time and Space. This next album will contain 13 new songs, all contributing to the musical legacy and directions of the band including psychedelic experimentation, and the usual heavy melancholic thought clouds, not to mention the guitar riffs that give Brock the reins.

Stories Of Space and Time will be offered via Cherry Red UK (their label for the last ten years and home to their last eight sets (so far). The new album will be issued on CD, DD, and 2LP.

Stories Of Space And TimeHawkwind
01 Our Lives Can’t Last Forever
02 The Starship (One Love One Life)
03 What Are We Going To Do While We’re Here
04 The Tracker
05 Eternal Light
06 Till I Found You
07 Underwater City
08 The Night Sky
09 Traveller of Time & Space
10 Re-generate
11 The Black Sea
12 Frozen in Time
13 Stargazers

By MARowe