In the late ’70s, a French band joined the emerging Post-Punk parade. They were called Affection Place; they, unfortunately, never released an album despite having recorded tracks planned for issue. These tracks were released for the first time in a self-titled set that was issued in 2019.  They have a sound reminiscent of Magazine, Killing Joke, and early Simple Minds (who were early influenced by Magazine). And now, for the first time, they have released a full album and dang if it isn’t an excellent set of songs.

The new album, Smouldering Fire, which is produced by Dave Formula (former Magazine, Visage) was released this past Friday (January 19). The new album of 10 newly recorded tracks is a strong reminder of a time passed when Post-Punk was at the top of the charts with many songs and albums. One of the songs from the set is “Harry Fabian” and can be heard below. If you were a strong fan of Magazine, then you will find this debut from Affection Place  an irresistible offering. This particular album is a gift (from the past, if you will)!

Smouldering Fire was issued on CD, DD, and LP in black vinyl. You can order here.

Smouldering FireAffection Place
01 Harry Fabian
02 Like An Echo
03 Smouldering Fire
04 Traveling Bird
05 I’ll Be There
06 Crossing The Pass
07 Give Me more
08 It’s Alright
09 Grey Beach
10 In The Air

By MARowe