The Rolling Stones are an institution. As yet, they are still touring into their golden years and making new music as evidenced by the release of their newest set, Hackney Diamonds. This 2023 makes the band’s 28th set (give or take depending on how you view some of the releases) over a period of almost 60 years(!). It is their classic eras that endure best including their recordings from the ’60s and ’70s. On June 10th of 2022, The Rolling Stones issued the singles box collection, 1963-1967, as Ludwig-remastered collectible 7″ vinyl singles. They are doing the same with 7″ Singles 1967-1971.

7″ Singles 1967-1971 will contain 18 singles although some of them were issued after the time frame (like the remixes for “Sympathy For The Devil” (Fatboy Slim, The Neptunes), and three other singles, while recorded during the time frame, were actually released later (“Out Of Time” – 1975, the Stereo Mix of “Honky Tonk Women” – 1976, and the retitled “I Don’t Know Why” [originally “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”] in 1975. The 18-vinyl single box will add in a 32-page booklet, a set of 5 photo cards, and a poster to the set.

7″ Singles 1967-1971 will be Limited Edition.

7″ Singles 1967-1971The Rolling Stones

Single 1 (Paint It, Black US version – originally released May of 1966)
Side A Paint It, Black
Side B Stupid Girl

Single 2 (Paint It, Black UK version – originally released May of 1966)
Side A Paint It, Black
Side B Long Long While

Single 3 (Mother’s Little Helper – originally released June of 1966)
Side A Mother’s Little Helper
Side B Lady Jane

Single 4 (Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? – originally released September of 1966)
Side A Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
Side B Who’s Driving Your Plane

Single 5 (Let’s Spend The Night Together – originally released January of 1967)
Side A Let’s Spend The Night Together
Side B Ruby Tuesday

Single 6 (We Love You – originally released August of 1967)
Side A We Love You
Side B Dandelion

Single 7 (She’s A Rainbow – originally released November of 1967)
Side A She’s A Rainbow
Side B 2000 Light Years From Home

Single 8 (In Another Land – originally released December of 1967)
Side A In Another Land
Side B The Lantern

Single 9 (Jumpin’ Jack Flash – originally released May of 1968)
Side A Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Side B Child Of The Moon

Single 10 (Street Fighting Man US version – originally released August of 1968)
Side A Street Fighting Man
Side B No Expectations

Single 11 (Honky Tonk Women – originally released July of 1969)
Side A Honky Tonk Women (Mono Mix)
Side B You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Single 12 (Memo From Turner – originally released November of 1970)
Side A Memo From Turner (Mick Jagger)
Side B Natural Magic (Ry Cooder) from the film Performance

Single 13 (Street Fighting Man UK maxi-single – originally released June of 1971)
Side A Street Fighting Man/Surprise Surprise
Side B Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Single 14 (Brown Sugar – A-side originally released April of 1971; B-side originally released June of 1971)
Side A Brown Sugar
Side B Wild Horses

Single 15 (I Don’t Know Why – originally released May of 1975)
Side A I Don’t Know Why (aka Don’t Know Why I Love You)
Side B Try A Little Harder

Single 16 (Out Of Time – originally released September of 1975)
Side A Out Of Time
Side B Jiving Sister Fanny

Single 17 (Honky Tonk Women – originally released April of 1976)
Side A Honky Tonk Women (Stereo Mix)
Side B Sympathy For The Devil

Single 18 (Sympathy For The Devil Remixes (originally released as part of SACD EP & CD single September of 2003)
Side A Sympathy For The Devil (The Neptunes Remix)
Side B Sympathy For The Devil (Fat Boy Slim Remix)

By MARowe