Family, a band from the late ’60s that had Ric Grech (Blind Faith/Traffic), and John Wetton within its ranks at one time or another, gave the world a collection of seven studio albums within a span of five short years. Roger Chapman held it together for the duration until present members began to leave. The legacy of Family was then left for future generations despite a short-lived reunion from 2013-2016. Needless to say for fans, Family was a solid band that never received the proper attention.

On November 24, Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red UK) continue their remastering and reissuing of Family a remastered and expanded edition of Bandstand. Bandstand was released in 1972, and enjoyed more than a casual interest from fans. This was helped by the strong charting of “Burlesque”. With this reissue, the original album is punctuated with the addition of 10 bonus tracks that include demos and early versions, and five BBC Sessions performance tracks.

01 Burlesque
02 Bolero Babe
03 Coronation
04 Dark Eyes
05 Broken Nose
06 My Friend the Sun
07 Glove
08 Ready to Go
09 Top of the Hill
Bonus Tracks
10 The Rockin’ Rs (B-Side of single)
11 Coronation (first version – Olympic studios May 1972)
12 My Friend the Sun (first version – Olympic studios May 1972)
13 Glove (first version – Olympic studios May 1972)
14 The Rockin’ R’s (first version – Olympic studios May 1972)
15 Ready to Go (BBC Session October 1972)
16 Dark Eyes (BBC Session October 1972)
17 Burlesque (BBC Session October 1972)
18 My Friend the Sun (BBC Session October 1972)
19 Coronation (BBC Session October 1972)

By MARowe