For those that know, Klark Kent was the side project of Stewart Copeland of The Police. A particular song, “Don’t Care” did not fit The Police, and so Stewart, not wanting to let the song go on to oblivion, recorded it to release via the I.R.S. label owned by his brother, Miles Copeland. The song performed well on the charts. The self-titled album was denied by Stewart Copeland thus shrouding it in a bit of secrecy. Eventually, he admitted his involvement and the rest is history.

On November 17, BMG will reissue the 1980 Klark Kent in a Deluxe Edition of the short EP that will add in a collection of extra tracks (found in 1995’s Kollected Works set), and a handful of 12 demos to join with the remastered original EP. The cover has been reworked for this reissue.

Klark Kent will be issued on 2CD, DD, and 2LP vinyl sets.

Klark KentKlark Kent

CD1 (Klark Kent Original EP/Bonus Tracks)
01 It’s Gonna Rain
02 Don’t Care
03 Away From Home
04 Rich In A Ditch
05 Grandelinquent
06 Guerilla
07 My Old School
08 Excesses
09 Theme For The Kinetic Ritual
10 Thrills
11 Office Girls
12 Too Kool To Kalypso
13 Stay Ready
14 Strange Things Happen
15 Love Lessons
16 Yo Ho Ho
17 Someone Else
18 Office Talk

CD2 (Demos)
01 Away From Home
02 Rich In A Ditch
03 Grandelinquent
04 Guerilla
05 My Old School
06 Excesses
07 Theme For Kinetic Ritual
08 Don’t Care
09 Thrills
10 Office Girls
11 Too Kool To Kalypso
12 Strange Things Happen

By MARowe