The Cranberries gave their sound to the ’90s with their first album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, Why Can’t We? (1993). Out of the gate, it exploded with over 3 million in sales in the US alone. It produced two well-received singles with “Dreams”, and “Linger”. With the soft and recognizable voice of Delores O’Riordan, The Cranberries dominated the charts and the stage. They delivered two more massive hits with No Need To Argue (1994), with four hits that included “Zombie”, and “Ode To My Family”, and To The Faithful Departed (1996), with four released singles that included “Salvation” and sales of over six million copies worldwide. The Cranberries released five more albums after their peak period, their last in 2019.

On October 13, The Cranberries will celebrate  To The Faithful Departed with a 3CD set, and three vinyl presses that include a now sold out Yellow-colored 2LP. The other two feature a Deluxe Black vinyl 2LP, and a black vinyl single LP. The 3CD set will feature the original album remastered, demos, early versions, and unreleased outtakes, and 13 selected live tracks from three venues.

To The Faithful Departed will be released on 3CD, DD, and vinyl LP and 2LP variations.

To The Faithful Departed (2023 Remaster) – The Cranberries

CD1 (To The Faithful Departed – 2023 Remaster)
01 Hollywood
02 Salvation
03 When You’re Gone
04 Free To Decide
05 War Child
06 Forever Yellow Skies
07 The Rebels
08 Intermission
09 I Just Shot John Lennon
10 Electric Blue
11 I’m Still Remembering
12 Will You Remember?
13 Joe
14 Cordell
15 Bosnia
16 The Picture I View
17 Go Your Own Way

CD2 (Unreleased Demos and Outtakes)
01 When You’re Gone (Paris demo)
02 I Just Shot John Lennon (Paris demo)
03 Free To Decide (Paris demo)
04 The Rebels (Outtake)
05 Hollywood (Outtake)
06  Cordell (Early mix)
07  Bosnia (Early mix)
08  Salvation (Early mix)
09 When You’re Gone (Early mix)
10  Electric Blue (Early mix)
11 Intermission (Early mix)
12 Joe (Early mix)
13 Free To Decide (Alternate mix)

CD3 (Selected Live Tracks From 1996 Free To Decide tour)
01 Intermission + Forever Yellow Skies (Live in Toronto)
02 Sunday (Live in Toronto)
03 Linger (Live in Toronto)
04 The Rebels (Live in Toronto)
05 Waltzing Back (Live in Toronto)
06 I Can’t Be With You (Live in Toronto)
07 Free To Decide (Live in Detroit)
08 Dreams (Live in Detroit)
09 Hollywood (Live in Detroit)
10 Zombie (Live in Detroit)
11 Dreaming My Dreams (Live in Detroit)
12 The Icicle Melts (Live in Detroit)
13 Salvation (Live at Milton Keynes Bowl)

By MARowe