Progressive Rock found its footing in the late ’60s chiefly from UK and other European countries that championed the challenge of intricate compositions. One of them were the German band, Nektar. Formed in 1969, but they released their first classic album, Journey To The Centre Of The Eye in 1971. It was followed up by two more sets until Remember The Future (1973) was released collecting fans especially in the US. It gave Nektar the open door needed to express their talents.

On November 24, Esoteric Recordings revisits the classic with a stuffed 4CD/BD Box of Remember The Future. With its 50th Anniversary up this year, this  makes the reissue a welcomed one indeed among fans. This set will provide a new remaster of the original along with new 5.1 Surround and Stereo mixes to complement the set. The Quad mix from 1973 will be included as well as a full live concert from January of 1974 from Stadthalle, in Munster, Germany. Bonus tracks are included along with a detailed booklet.

Blu-ray video content will provide promo videos, selected live concert footage from Old Grey Whistle Test as well as the film – “Wings”.

Remember The Future (50th Anniversary 2023 Remaster) – Nektar

CD1 (Remember The Future – 50th Anniversary 2023 Remaster)
01 Remember the Future Part One
02 Remember the Future Part Two
Bonus Track
03 Let it Grow (Live Erbach, Germany April 1973)

CD2 (Remember the Future – 50th Anniversary 2023 Stereo Remix)
01 Remember the Future Part One
02 Remember the Future Part Two
Bonus Tracks
03 Lonely Roads (German promo single version)
04 Let it Grow (German promo single version)

CD3 (Live at Stadthalle, Munster, Germany – January 28, 1974 – Previously Unreleased)
01 King of Twilight
02 Desolation Valley
03 A Day in the Life of a Preacher
04 Cast Your Fate

CD4 (Live at Stadthalle, Munster, Germany – January 28th, 1974 – Previously Unreleased)
01 Odysee
02 That’s Life
03 Fidgety Queen
04 Ron’s On
05 Show Me the Way
06 Little Boy
07 Need Love
08 Smile / Lonely Roads
09 Let it Grow

BD (Remember the Future: [96kHz/24-bit] 5.1 Surround Sound / Stereo Remix / Original Stereo Mix /1973 Quad Mix)
01 Remember the Future – Part One
02 Remember the Future – Part Two
01 Remember the Future – (promotional film 1973)
02 Wings (BBC Old Grey Whistle Test – July 10, 1973)
03 Desolation Valley / Waves (BBC Old Grey Whistle Test – 23rd October 23, 1973)

By MARowe