Aimee Mann’s new album, Queens of the Summer Hotel, hits all the outlets on November 6. It’s Mann’s first full album since 2017’s Mental Illness. It comes through her Superego Records label.

The album features 15 songs inspired by the book Girl, Interrupted, written by Susannah Kaysen. According to Mann’s website, the new album’s development began in 2018 when she was writing songs for the stage adaptation of Girl, Interrupted.

“I honestly felt almost possessed when I was writing this record as I’ve never written so fast and intensely,” Mann said. “I found the material very interesting and obviously really personal. I had specific ideas about what I thought the character’s backstory could be and incorporated a lot of shared experiences to flesh out specific characters discussed in the memoir.”

The site is offering an album bundle including the Queens of the Summer Hotel vinyl LP, a t-shirt, and limited retro-style travel bag. The LP and CD of the record are also available separately. Additional information is available on Mann’s site:

The first single, “Suicide is Murder,” continues the chamber pop vibe of Mental Illness as well as the songs she penned for the film, Magnolia, many of which appeared on her 2000 record, Bachelor No. 2 (or the last remains of the dodo).

By Dw Dunphy

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