Since 1986, The Flaming Lips in one form or another (but always with Wayne Coyne, and Michael Ivins), entertained a strong core of fans. By the time The Flaming Lips released Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots in 2002, they were on the radar for a wider base. Even my granddaughter loves “Do You Realize?” and is currently a big fan of The Flaming Lips. Their eclectic brand of psychedelic Rock is refreshing and time-honored. In 1999, The Flaming Lips released the band’s first Gold album (UK), The Soft Bulletin.

On July 16, Warner Brothers Records will release a companion CD to The Soft Bulletin filled with outtakes from the Soft Bulletin sessions as well as other unreleased tracks and mixes from the time period. Additionally, the CD will contain stereo versions of five tracks from the earlier album, Zaireeka (1997). Originally, the 13-track CD was a promo-only rarity gifted only to radio and media during The Soft Bulletin’s rise in popularity. This set was referred to (and titled here) as The Soft Bulletin Companion (Bonus Music and Songs).

The Soft Bulletin Companion is being released on CD, DD, and Limited Edition Silver-color vinyl 2LP.

The Soft Bulletin Companion (Bonus Music and Songs)The Flaming Lips
01 Thirty-Five thousand Feet Of Despair
02 1000 ft Hands (Early Mix)
03 Riding To Work In The Year 2525 (Your Invisible Now)
04 Buggin’ (Lips Mix)
05 A Machine In India
06 Ok I’ll Admit That I Don’t Really Understand
07 The Captain
08 Satellite Of You
09 The Spiderbite Song (Early Mix)
10 Slow Motion (Early Mix)
11 1000 ft Hands (Final Mix)
12 Little Hands (Rough Mix)
13 The Big ‘Ol Bug Is The New Baby Now

By MARowe