Greg Lake has led a spectacular musical life. His membership in King Crimson, and later, his partnership in Emerson, Lake & Palmer (with Keith Emerson, and Carl Palmer) left a memorable and lasting legacy. With that, there have been numerous ELP and other reissues to help keep us tuned in.

On October 23, BMG will release a collected set called The Anthology: A Musical Journey. Previously, a retrospective released by Castle Music back in 2006 provided a full career look at Greg Lake over 2CDs with 32 tracks. The Anthology: A Musical Journey will explore the music from early periods with The Shame and with the Shy Limbs, as well as King Crimson, ELP, and his solo periods. There are live and studio collections on this 2CD Book case. The booklet will contain unseen photographs, essays, and notes. a gatefold 2LP set will also be made available as will be DD versions.

The Anthology: A Musical Journey will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

The Anthology: A Musical JourneyGreg Lake 

01 Peace – A Beginning
(In the Wake of Poseidon (1970) King Crimson)
02 Don’t Go ‘way Little Girl (Single Mix)
(The Shame single ‘Don’t Go ‘way Little Girl’, 1967)
03 Love (Single Mix)
(The Shy Limbs single “Reputation”, 1969)
04 The Court of the Crimson King (Live at the Fillmore West, San Francisco,
(Epitaph (1997) – King Crimson)
05 Take A Pebble
(Emerson Lake & Palmer (1970) – ELP)
06 Lucky Man
(Emerson Lake & Palmer (1970) – ELP)
07 The Only Way (Hymn)
(Tarkus (1971) – ELP)
08 Oh My Father (2012 Stereo Mix)
(Tarkus (1971) Bonus track from 2016 Deluxe Edition) – ELP)
09 The Great Gates Of Kiev (Live at Newcastle City Hall, 26th March 1971)
(Pictures At An Exhibition (1971) – ELP)
10 From The Beginning
(Trilogy (1972) – ELP)
11 Trilogy (First Section)
(Trilogy (1972) – ELP)
12 The Endless Enigma (Part Two)
(Trilogy (1972) – ELP)
13 Still … You Turn Me On
(Brain Salad Surgery (1973) – ELP)
14 ‘Epitaph’ from Tarkus: vi. Battlefield (Live, 1973/74)
(Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen (1974) – ELP
15 I Believe In Father Christmas (Original Single Version – 1975)
16 Closer To Believing (Final Version, 2016)
(Previously unreleased 2016 version. Originally from the Emerson, Lake & Palmer album Works Volume 1, 1977)

01 C’est La Vie
(Works Volume 1 (1977) – ELP)
02 Lend Your Love To Me Tonight
(Works Volume 1 (1977) – ELP)
03 Watching Over You
(Works Volume 2 (1977) – ELP)
04 For You
(Love Beach (1978) – ELP)
05 Black And Blue
(Greg Lake (1981) – Greg Lake)
06 It Hurts
(Greg Lake (1981) – Greg Lake)
07 Haunted
(Manoeuvres (1983) – Greg Lake)
08 Slave To Love
(Manoeuvres (1983) – Greg Lake)
09 Touch And Go
(Emerson, Lake & Powell (1986) – Emerson, Lake & Powell)
10 Affairs Of The Heart
(Ride The Tiger (2015) – Greg Lake/Geoff Downes)
11 Paper Blood
(Black Moon (1992) – ELP)
12 Daddy
(In The Hot Seat (1994) – ELP)
13 The Sage (1994 Studio Version)
(Pictures At An Exhibition (1971) Bonus track from the 2016 deluxe edition)
14 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 5th November 1981)
(London ’81 (1995) – Greg Lake)
15 I Talk To The Wind (Live from the ‘Songs Of A Lifetime Tour’, USA, 2012)
(Songs Of A Lifetime (2013) – Greg Lake
16 Karn Evil 9 1st Impression – Part 2 (Live at Teatro Municipale, Piacenza, Italy, 28th November 2012)
(Live in Piacenza (2017) – Greg Lake
17 Peace – An End
(In the Wake of Poseidon (1970) – King Crimson)

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