Camel has long been a progressive gem. Under-noted by the masses, but well-revered by the few who have adopted the band. Their classics include Mirage (1974), The Snow Goose (1975), Moonmadness (1976), and the terribly underrated Rain Dances (1977). For over 40 years, various versions of Camel, always with the original member of Andrew Latimer, and long-time bassist/keyboardist, Colin Bass, have released 14 studio sets.

On June 26 (July 3 in the US), Sargasso Music (UK) will release a collaborative set with Colin Bass and Daniel Biro. Daniel Biro is a minimalist composer of Jazz, Rock, and Electronic Ambient. The two musicians have worked together since 2014. We could say, “What took you guys so long?” The album release is called Still, and will feature eleven tracks of ambient music. As a fan of both ambient music, and of Camel, this is an anticipated release. The album artwork is reminiscent of the older Eno issues on EG Records. (The power of identification!) Sill has been in production for several years.

Still is planned for CD and DD. Check out Still samples below. It has my complete attention!

Still – Colin Bass/Daniel Biro

01 Still Life 1
02 Summer
03 Still Life 2
04 Old Europe
05 Once Was A Time
06 Faces
07 The Man Who Never Was
08 Heaven
09 Still Life 3
10 Hands
11 Still

By MARowe