It’s understood that the Cocteau Twins are not everyone’s cup of tea. The reality is that you like them or you don’t. There’s likely little to no middle ground. Last year, Fontana, who had signed the band for their last two albums and seven EPs (Four-Calendar Café – 1993, Milk & Kisses – 1996; Evangeline EP – 1993, Snow EP – 1993, Bluebeard EP – 1994, Twinlights EP – 1995, Otherness EP – 1995, Tishbite EP – 1996, Violaine EP – 1996) released a boxed set of the band’s Fontana songs. So, they’re still an interest for many.

If you’re a vinyl collector, Universal UK will re-release Four-Calendar Café, and Milk & Kisses on vinyl LP, both on March 29. Both repressed- LPs will be issued via Mercury Records UK.

If you missed out on the special edition color vinyl re-releases in 2017, here’s a change to at least get a vinyl set of the two classic Cocteau Twins titles.


By MARowe