[UPDATE ONE] We now have a cover shot of the box (nothing else yet)!

For the most part, Cocteau Twins released their magnificent sets of gorgeous music on the UK-based 4AD. From the band’s experimental debut, Garlands (1982) until their final 4AD issue, Heaven or Las VegasCocteau Twins delivered a string of full-length gems, EPs, and a mass of singles. But before their demise, they moved over to Fontana Records, which was the issuing label for Four-Calendar Café (1993), and the band’s swan song, Milk & Kisses(1996). Within the framework of the two Fontana studio albums, there were three EPs (Snow – 1993, Twinlights – 1995, Otherness – 1995), and four singles (Evangeline – 1993, the popular “Bluebeard” – 1994, Tishbite – 1996, Violaine – 1996).

With no set date as of yet, Fontana Records will release a 4-disc Box set for Cocteau Twins. Called Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years, we can only speculate that this will be a set of the two Fontana-released albums and the EPs and singles. Hopefully, these are newly remastered, and perhaps even hold some extras (unreleased outtakes?) Perhaps even their covers of “Frosty the Snowman”, and “Winter Wonderland”, as well as the various acoustic takes of popular songs like “Bluebeard”.

I’ll keep an eye on this upcoming box set.


By MARowe