It’s always great to see one of your favorites bands getting nice treatment, especially so far away from their active years. For fans, the name of Ten Years After is one that draws great memories. From their dynamic showcase at Woodstock through a few singles and LP releases, Ten Years After certainly has earned their place in the sun. (We won’t talk about the inefficiencies of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

During their time, not counting the years after their first dismantling, they have released eight classic albums beginning with Ten Years After (1967), and ending with Positive Vibrations (1974). In between, the band delivered greatness with “I’d Love To Change The World”, “Rock and Roll Music To The World”, “Love Like A Man”, “I’m Going Home”, and “Choo Choo Mama” (to name just a few).  A brief but powerful tenure in the annals of Rock!

On December 22, Chrysalis Records will assemble a 10CD 50th Anniversary Box celebrating the band. The Box is being labeled as 1967-1974. This box will provide a total of 82 songs, most newly remastered for this limited edition set of only 1500 copies. Of course, every song from their Deram and Columbia catalog is represented here. (No Recorded Live! Sigh!)

This box set also includes previously unreleased music on a single CD.

1967-1974 50th Anniversary Complete Studio BoxTen Years After

CD1 (Ten Years After – 1967):
01 I Want To Know (Mono)
02 I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes (Mono)
03 Adventures Of A Young Organ (Mono)
04 Spoonful (Mono)
05 Losing The Dogs (Mono)
06 Feel It For Me (Mono)
07 Love Until I Die (Mono)
08 Don’t Want You, Woman (Mono)
09 Help Me (Mono)

CD2 (Undead – 1968):
01 I May Be Wrong, But I Won’t Be Wrong Always (Stereo)
02 ( At The ) Woodchopper’s Ball [Stereo]
03 Spider In My Web (Stereo)
04 Summertime/Shantung Cabbage (Stereo)
05 I’m Going Home (Stereo)

CD3 (Stonedhenge – 1969):
01 Going To Try (Stereo)
02 I Can’t Live Without Lydia (Stereo)
03 Woman Trouble (Stereo)
04 Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob (Stereo)
05 Hear Me Calling (Stereo)
06 A Sad Song (Stereo)
07 Three Blind Mice (Stereo)
08 No Title (Stereo)
09 Faro (Stereo)
10 Speed Kills (Stereo)

CD4 (Shhhh – 1969):
01 Bad Scene
02 Two Time Mama
03 Stoned Woman
04 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
05 If You Should Love Me
06 I Don’t Know That You Don’t Know My Name
07 The Stomp
08 I Woke Up This Morning

CD5 (Cricklewood Green – 1970):
01 Sugar The Road
02 Working On The Road
03 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
04 Year 3,000 Blues
05 Me And My Baby
06 Love Like A Man
07 Circles
08 As The Sun Still Burns Away

CD6 (Watt – 1970):
01 I’m Coming On
02 My Baby Left Me
03 Think About The Times
04 I Say Yeah
05 The Band With No Name
06 Gonna Run
07 She Lies In The Morning
08 Sweet Little Sixteen

CD7 (A Space In Time – 1971):
01 One Of These Days
02 Here They Come
03 I’d Love To Change The World
04 Over The Hill
05 Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘N Roll You
06 Once There Was A Time
07 Once There Was A Time
08 Hard Monkeys
09 I’ve Been There Too
10 Uncle Jam

CD8 (Rock & Roll Music To The World – 1972):
01 You Give Me Loving
02 Convention Prevention
03 Turned Off T.V. Blues
04 Standing At The Station
05 You Can’t Win Them All
06 Religion
07 Choo Choo Mama
08 Tomorrow I’ll Be Out Of Town
09 Rock & Roll Music To The World

CD9 (Positive Vibrations – 1974):
01 Nowhere To Run
02 Positive Vibrations
03 Stone Me
04 Without You
05 Going Back To Birmingham
06 It’s Getting Harder (It’s Getting Harder)
07 You’re Driving Me Crazy
08 Look Into My Life
09 Look Me Straight Into The Eyes
10 I Wanted To Boogie

CD10 (Previously Unreleased):
01 Look At Yourself
02 Running Around
03 Holy Shit
04 There’s A Feeling
05 I Hear You Calling My Name


By MARowe