Lady In Gold - Blues PillsIf you like your Soul and Blues filled to the core with Rock n Roll, then you really don’t need to look much further than Blues Pills. Their standard of Rock will take you back to the days of Hendrix and other long gone gems of early, fiery Rock and Roll.

As a history, Blues Pills began their journey in 2011. Comprised of Dorian Sorriaux, a French guitarist extraordinaire, Americans, Zack Anderson (bass) and his half brother, Cory Berry (drums), and one of the more incredible voices this side of Janis Joplin in the Swedish singer, Elin Larsson, who, I may add, is drop dead gorgeous. Since, the band has refined to include André Kvarnström, who replaced Cory Berry in 2014.

After a small flurry of smaller releases, Blues Pills signed with Nuclear Blast Records, and released their debut album, Blues Pills. In Europe, the band has thrived. And while they have yet to capture the attention of America, they are making inroads. The debut is a hot bed of Rock in its rawest and purest form. It definitely requires your attention.

On August 5, Blues Pills will release their next album. (The album cover art is to the right. It’s not decked out with the title and band’s name but it’s the actual art to be used.) It’s titled Lady In Gold. Lady In Gold will delivered ten brand new tracks of powerhouse Rock and Roll, I’m sure.  But this is exciting news for those that are aware of Blues Pills. If you’re not at this reading, time to get crackin’!

Lady In Gold – Blues Pills

01 – Lady In Gold
02 – Little Boy Preacher
03 – Burned Out
04 – I Felt A Change
05 – Gone So Long
06 – Bad Talkers
07 – You Gotta Try
08 – Won’t Go Back
09 – Rejection
10 – Elements And Things


By MARowe