Iggy Pop Post Pop DepressionI’m most amazed at the boundless energy that kicks out from the being of Iggy Pop. Long energized as the leading focus of The Stooges, and of his own legendary solo years as he wandered from America to the UK and other parts Europe, most notably Berlin, Iggy Pop is one of our more perfect and fully embodied realizations of the phenomenon known as Rock and Roll. When I hear about a new tour, or a new album from our more revered statesman of Rock, I always take notice.

On March 18, Concord Records via Loma Vista label (Iggy Pop has never been without an interested big label), Iggy Pop will release his next album, Post Pop Depression. The new album is produced by Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age fame. In addition to producing the album, Homme is also an integral part of Post Pop Depression. The band used for this album is rounded out by Dean Fertita (Queens Of The Stone Age/Dead Weather), and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys). In fact, they all take center stage on the cover of the album. Good ole Iggy Pop!

The new album is being preceded by a single, “Gardenia”. Post Pop Depression will have nine tracks (Thanks, Iggy, for increasing the worth of the album by offering only nine well attended to tracks!). If the ’80s New Wave-ish sounding¬†“Gardenia” (heard below) is any indication of the content of Post Pop Depression, then fans will be treated to gold! The second track (“Break Into Your Heart”) from the album has ALREADY been released as well and can be accessed at this link.

Post Pop Depression will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Post Pop Depression – Iggy Pop
Track List:

01 Break Into Your Heart
02 Gardenia
03 American Valhalla
04 In the Lobby
05 Sunday
06 Vulture
07 German Days
08 Chocolate Drops
09 Paraguay


By MARowe