Tori AmosTori Amos is one of those thinking singer-songwriters, using her piano training to create thought-provoking songs within great flowery beds of music. In short, Tori Amos is one heckuva songwriter. All of her albums have been anxiously awaited by devout fans. During her ongoing career, Tori Amos has released fourteen studio albums. That’s from a period of 1992 though the current time. If we had a comparison, she could be called the US’s version of Kate Bush.

Her first album was released in 1992 as Little Earthquakes. This debut generated sales of over two million copies in the US. In addition to its meteoric climb up music charts, it produced five singles including “Silent All These Years”.

Tori Amos Little Earthquakes

Tori Amos followed up her phenomenal debut with Under The Pink in 1994. It also sold over two million copies in just the US alone. Singles that came from the album were “God”, and “Cornflake Girl”.

Tori Amos Under The Pink

On April 14, Atlantic Records will reissue both Little Earthquakes, and Under The Pink as 2CD Deluxe Editions. In addition, both albums will be re-released on 180g-weight vinyl LPs.

As more information becomes available, I will update this post.


By MARowe