Pretenders Discs and BoxUK’s wunderkind label, Edsel Records, will assemble multi-disc sets of each album, along with a worthy Pretenders box set that will put everything together, exploring the goodness from the band during their high-level period of 1979, on through to 1999.

The Pretenders literally hit gold right out of the gate with their great debut, and “Brass In Pocket”. Fronted by Chrissie Hynde, the band went right to the top of the charts with the first album. From there, they experienced a healthy second album. With the unfortunate death of James Honeyman-Scott, the dismissal (and eventual death) of Pete Farndon, The Pretenders continued with an adjusted line-up. Over time, Hynde and the band generated many singles successful to one degree or another.

On February 16, Edsel UK will release all Pretenders albums issued by Sire Records in CD/DVD, and 2CD/DVD sets that will add in bonus tracks including demos, B-sides, rarities, video promos, and live cuts. New booklets with lyrics, photos, and more are housed in a digipak set with original artwork.

The 2CD/DVD sets include Pretenders (1979), Pretenders II (1981), Learning To Crawl (1984), Get Close (1986), Last Of The Independents (1994), ¡Viva El Amor! ( 1999). The single CD/DVD sets include Packed! (1990), and The Isle Of View (1995). The Full Box will come complete with 22-discs that incorporate all of the single title sets into one place.

Pretenders Box

By MARowe