Deep Purple Made in EuropeEarlier this year, we got us a remixed Made In Japan, the classic live album from Deep Purple. Depending on the album’s worth to you, it either made it into your collection again, or it didn’t carry enough weight for the costly upgrade. For me, it was a bit of nostalgia as it was an album played constantly in its release as my buddies and I cruised around town.

Deep Purple didn’t stop with Made In Japan. In 1976, they followed it up with the less popular (but still excellent) Made In Europe. That album concentrated more laser-like on a few cuts rather than going on the dual album path as Made In Japan did. ┬áInterestingly, Made in Europe chronicled the final days of Ritchie Blackmore’s tenure with the band. Recorded in April of 1975, Blackmore left the band in October of the same year, thus breaking up the band.

Made In Europe features five tracks from the Burn (1974), and Stormbringer (1974) albums, that introduced new vocalist, David Coverdale. Of course, Coverdale is far more recognizable as the vocalist from Whitesnake to many that are unfamiliar with his short tenure with Deep Purple. Nevertheless, Made In Europe followed up those two albums to provide the live thrill that Mark III lineup generated in concert.

The Deep Purple FB page briefly put up a notification that Made In Europe would be remixed for an (early) 2015 Box set that will include the complete shows, as well as a documentary on the period that the album came from.

The only thing to say now is…wait for further developments.

By MARowe