Peter Hammill All That Might Have BeenIf you know of Van der Graaf Generator, then the name Peter Hammill is not a strange, unknown one to you. Van der Graaf Generator is a UK progressive band best known for their output during the time-frame of the ’70s. Although they did not gain the notoriety  that Genesis, Can, or other progressive bands of the time, they still had compelling material for those that discovered them, and stayed loyal fans.

From that band came Peter Hammill, who had more success as a solo performer than he did with the band. There were multiple iterations of Van der Graaf Generator, but when they decided to split, when they did, he kept up with his prolific solo efforts. Over time, Peter Hammill produced more than thirty solo albums. And so, it’s no surprise that there is a new Peter Hammill album in the wings.

On November 24, …All That Might Have Been…, the latest Peter Hammill album, will be released in several formats that will include a single CD, a special edition 3CD Box, and a vinyl LP set, as well as digital downloads of the tunes. The twenty-track set is actually one continuous stream of music with shifting scenes, hence the song titles. This will be in its intended state on the single CD edition. The vinyl LP will contain the songs in slightly edited form, and with a different running order. The 3CD Box will contain the standalone CD, and will add in a conventional style, with each song presented as songs found on the second disc. The third CD will include stripped down instrumental presentations of the songs.

Yay! New Peter Hammill. It always puts a smile on my face.

You can order yours here (or Amazon).

By MARowe