BigelfIntoTheMaelstromI don’t know how I missed this one.  But I did! (Thanks to Bill B for the ‘kick in the ass’ on this!) However, when we last left LA’s progressive psych-metal band, Bigelf, they had just released the excellent Cheat The Gallows album.  But that was way back in mid-2008. Then, main-man Damon Fox led the four-member band on a wild ride through ten tear-it-up tracks including the 11-minute plus, “Counting Sheep”.

In a few days, Fox, with his newly reconstituted Bigelf band, will return with a new album, Into The Maelstrom, planned for April 1 (TOMORROW!).  Being released on new label, InsideOut Music, Bigelf will provide a harder edge than even before.  The new album, with twelve brand new songs, will also showcase the drumming of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), along with the return of Duffy Snowhill (bass guitar).  The reasoning behind the long hiatus are personal to Damon Fox, but nevertheless, we are pleased with the return of the band with their promising new album.

Into The Maelstrom will release with the standard CD, a limited edition 2CD digipak (with bonus remixes and demos), the expected DD MP3s, and a gate-fold 2LP set that will provide a CD inclusion for the traveling bunch!

Into The Maelstrom is heralded by the pre-album single, “Control Freak” (heard below):

By MARowe