Well, whatever this may mean to U2 fans (other than a new album is forthcoming), then here it is.  Being reported over at Stereogum (thanks, Jeff), it appears that their new album, being produced by Danger Mouse, will be released come next April.  The article states that the band has been working with Danger Mouse since 2010.  It’s obvious they’re taking their time to give them the best footing they can have after pushing out what Bono called their potentially best album ever in No Line On the Horizon.  That album met with less than desirable impact.

And who’s to say their new album, with or without the youthfulness of Danger Mouse’s production values, will fare better.  Only time will tell.

But it’s a good time for discussion.  There are those that state that U2 “lost” it after War (1983).  Some appreciate Unforgettable Fire (1984), while others love the ascension of Joshua Tree (1987).  Of course, there are those that feel Achtung Baby was a great album.  Wherever you stand, U2 is about ready to do it again with a new effort, slated for April of 2014.

It appears that U2 will be announcing the new album in a Super Bowl commercial in 2014.

U2 photographed by John Wright

By MARowe